hot-air balloons
vent d'anges

Domain Raimbault Pineau

An only experience

At the heart of the vineyards of the Center the Loire, discover the wine-making landscapes framed by the royal river of the Loire, forests and numerous wine-making villages under another angle ... Sometimes it is necessary to take the high ground to appreciate better a territory and all the treasures which he possesses, we so suggest you booking an appointment with the sky and discovering a part. Whether it is for a moment of relaxation and division either to celebrate a particular event, this journey is accessible at any age (on the condition of being more tall than the edge of our nacelle of 1.30m).

Original Way to please or to thank for companies their customers or their employees. It is also a present unique to offer to his family or between friends, for an anniversary, a Christmas present, a retirement, a proposal of marriage, a St Valentine's Day …

The « Sancerrois », marked by The Loire classified in the world heritage of the UNESCO, is an exceptional site where you can discover numerous landscapes which offer a unique alliance between wild landscapes and landscapes sculptured by the hand of the man.

Discover calmly the history of our terroir marked by its wine-making activity but also by these numerous villages, manor houses and castles which are dominated by the medieval city of Sancerre built at the top of the Piton

The flora and fauna are very present thanks to the banks of the Loire and to the numerous fields and the forests which counts our territory. You can benefit from the nature who awakes or Which goes out to the slept of the sun as hares, birds, roe deers, wild boars and deers the bend of a meadow. Our pilots winegrowers, experimented, will be eager to share you their technical knowledge on the hot-air balloon and on the vineyard. Native of the region, they also know our territory and they will be delighted to tell you anecdotes and details of the overflown sites.

Course of your

flight in hot-air balloon

No particular physical capacity is required for this ascent which can be appreciated at any age. However for safety reasons thank you for informing us any cardiac health problem and operation touching the skeleton and in case of pregnancy. (Current Dean: 82 years)

Period of Flight : In the rise or at sunset (If weather conditions allow it).
The Meeting place : always in the Domain Raimbault-Pineau.
The starting point : on one of a take-off area beforehand selected before every flight.

The Flight : Having welcome you, the members of our team take you up to the take-off place, or you take advantage and you can participate in the assembly of the balloon.

Once on board, the pilot makes you rise smoothly to discover the landscapes. According to the wind, without precise route, be allowed carry to touch the tops of trees, without the slightest impression of dizziness (no contact with the ground) for a stroll about the 1 hour.

During the flight, the pilot is in touch with the team on the ground which comes to assist him for the landing. Feet on earth but the head still in clouds, you will attend the disassembly of the balloon.

To finish the stroll a glass is served to you and you can express your felt with the pilots and your travelling companions. Then our team takes care to return everybody towards the way back aboard our vehicles.

Flight with one of our two experimented pilots
We propose you a flight in hot-air balloon in nacelles in any intimacy (2 to 6 passengers).

Our team reserves the right to cancel a flight due to:
- bad weather or safety reasons. This may occur just before take-off. In this case, we are in no way liable for the expenses incurred by the passenger to go to the place of appointment (travel, accommodation, catering). This cancellation can take place until the day of the flight.
– the insufficient number of passengers registered to ensure the safety of the flight in accordance with the balloon flight manual (cf: minimum take-off weight). This cancellation can take place until the day of the flight.
– the pilot’s unavailability for any reason: temporary or permanent physical incapacity (illness, accident) and personal unavailability (death in his surroundings, etc.): non-exhaustive examples

We reserve the right to suspend the take-off in case of winds or unfavorable weather report because THE SECURITY OF ALL WILL ALWAYS BE OURS PRIORITY.
In the case of a delay in the appointment beyond the call of passengers and the pick-up in our transport vehicles, our team will leave in flight and the booking of the late customer will be considered as being consumed. We cannot question the proper timing of the flight for safety and respect for all other passengers present at the appointment.
In addition, in the event of a last minute cancellation by the customer (less than 4 hours before the scheduled flight time), the customer’s reservation will be considered as consumed
the pilot also has the right to refuse the access aboard every passenger having a fatal behavior in the good progress of the flight.